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What is Prevention | Introduction
Posted August 19, 2019

The adolescent brain is rapidly developing and is more vulnerable to alcohol and drugs than adult brains, which increases young people’s chances of developing a substance use disorder. What is Prevention explains that prevention is about delaying the onset of first use, or pushing it back as long as possible in order to protect young brains.

90% of people who have a substance use disorder started using alcohol or drugs before they turned 18. The adolescent brain is still developing until a person is in their early to mid 20s. By practicing prevention and delaying the onset of first use, you can help to protect the brain during this important period of development.

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Upstream Public Health/Prevention
Posted April 18, 2019

Working upstream is a classic analogy for Prevention and Public Health work.

Coaches and Teachers- You can be the Difference, featuring Erik Coleman (Part 3 of 3)
Posted October 4, 2018

Former professional football player Erik Coleman discusses coaches and educators and the responsibility they have to be educated on prescription pain medications, substance abuse, and addiction.

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