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Cancel the Keg Hotline Numbers

THE SCPD IS CRACKING DOWN ON UNDERAGE DRINKING. Commissioner Sini recently launched the the Suffolk County CANCEL THE KEG HOTLINE. It is illegal for anyone over the age of 18 to allow minors to drink alcohol at his or her residence, and the Suffolk County Police Department is working with communities to crack down on these social hosts at the outset of prom and graduation season and summer vacation. If you know of a party in your neighborhood where underage drinking is likely to occur, notify your precinct’s Community Oriented Police Enforcement (COPE) unit:

1st Precinct: 631-854-8147
2nd Precinct: 631-854-8254
3rd Precinct: 631-854-8326
4th Precinct: 631-854-8434
5th Precinct: 631-854-8527
6th Precinct: 631-854-8632
7th Precinct: 631-852-8726

When you report a party before it occurs, the police department will do a “custom notification” to the house and inform the potential host of the consequences of hosting a party with underage drinking.