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Suffolk County Social Host Law Enforcement

The Suffolk County Social Host Law is an existing law which enforces penalties for anyone over 18 (who owns, rents or is otherwise responsible for a home) who knowingly allows underage drinking to take place in their home or fails to take reasonable corrective action upon learning that it is taking place. Local officials are looking to enhance and further enforce this law. From a recent Press Release regarding proposed changes:

“Underage drinking is illegal and dangerous”, said Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini. “Parents should be on notice that the Suffolk County Police Department will aggressively enforce the County’s Social Host Law, which makes it a crime to permit underagr drinking in your home”…

Suffolk County Legislator Cilmi said, “We are pulling out all the stops. Too many parents shrug off underage drinking as being a ‘safer’ alternative to other drugs. Meanwhile our drinkers are eventually turning to pot and our smokers are eventually turning to prescription drugs and heroin in alarming numbers. Overdose victims invariably started down a path of addictive behavior with alcohol and I’ve spoken to far too many grieving parents to ever give up this fight.”